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At Sheger Real Estate, we take pride in offering top-notch properties in the bustling area around Koye Fiche. Whether you are searching for a home to settle down or an investment opportunity, we have a diverse range of houses to suit your needs. Let’s explore our exquisite collection:

We discover a new, safe and attractive city - Sheger !

Contact Sheger Real Estate today to learn more about our project in Koye Fiche. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a stunning home with luxurious amenities and enjoy a comfortable and sophisticated lifestyle.


Sheger Real Estate, is a key Company that ensures universal benefits in creating attractive places to live at the National, African and International levels and contributing to the development of the country.


Our Company has been established since Sep 2023 , in the National Housing Construction Industry; superiority, quality, making its choices known, attractive choice of place to live, providing basic social services, creating ample employment opportunities, making a tangible contribution to the national goal of poverty reduction , in the results achieved , our investment it is a growing process.


We are committed to making every project for our clients run as seamlessly as possible. With our focused background and specialized experience.


Safety is not to be taken lightly and is the personal responsibility of each individual as well as the company as a whole. Sheger Real Estate is committed to the safety of every project from start to finish.


Not only are we concerned with the outcome of the project, we consistently focus on enhancing the process that is used to achieve the desired end result. Each and every project will qualify.


  1. Construction of residential houses for 1048 (Father/Mother/ Husband).
  2. Create job opportunities for 2000 people
  3. Construction of mixed used business and environmental friendly recreation areas .